We just got partnered on Twitch!

Thank you to everyone tuning in

SpeedrunHype Got Partnered
SpeedrunHype Got Partnered

Our Twitch channel, SpeedrunHypeTV, just got partnered!

This is been quite a journey for us. We started the channel back in November 2018 with big hopes and dreams like many streamers.

After a year of hard work, it’s an amazing feeling to reach this milestone!

For the Speedrun Hype team, this is a huge milestone and validation that we’re on the right path.

We have a list of ideas for upcoming features and improvements to the stream that we’ll be unveiling soon.

Thank you to everyone tuning in every day! You’re an amazing audience, we love you, and we appreciate all the kind words we’ve received along the way!

Speedrun Hype Got Partnered On Twitch
Speedrun Hype Got Partnered On Twitch!


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