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Case Study: Aggelos Giveaway Sponsored by PQube (Switch/PS4/Steam)

Srh Twitch Highlight Aggelos V1

During our recent PQube Sponsored Giveaway for Aggelos, we gave away 3 copies of their retro-themed action game, Aggelos. Aggelos was inspired by the classic game, Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

The giveaway lasted for 14 days and the results were: 485 combined website visits, 193 new followers on Twitch, 141 new Twitter followers, 118 Aggelos sale retweets, and 71 new members on their Discord.

Our paid advertising campaign for this giveaway received 18,531 total impressions on Facebook and Twitter.

We did a live giveaway announcement and preview of the game on our stream. We also created a custom giveaway graphic and blog post.

We currently receive over 190k live views per month on our 24/7 Twitch channel.


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