Speedrun Hype Hammerin Harry Gb Race
Speedrun Hype Hammerin Harry Gb Race
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Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Building Company Blind Race (Gameboy)

TheMotherBrain86 vs MrPupG

This army of ghosts was no joke! ?

Thank you to our racers for battling through this surprisingly hard game.

? Congratulations to MrPupG for the big win!

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Watch Highlight: Saturday Blind Race – Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Building Company [GB] – TheMotherBrain86 vs MrPupG from SpeedrunHypeTV on www.twitch.tv

Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Building Company is the sequel to Hammerin’ Harry.

This episode has Harry fighting more than just workers. He has to defeat an army of ghosts in a series of environments, including construction site, sewer, airship, jungle, and finally, the headquarters where he meets the evil ghost building machine.

Rather than using his mallet, Harry can obtain a spiked ball which does more damage than the mallet.

There are five stages, and each one ends with Harry fighting a boss.

Upon completion of a stage, the gameplay switches from a beat-em-up to a horizontal shooter where Harry flies through the air, defeating airborne enemies and avoiding dangerous objects.

For more info check out the full review of Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Building Company at VGJUNK


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