Mega 16 Race #5
Mega 16 Race #5
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Mega 16 Race #5 on

Saturday, February 1st @ 1pm EST / 7pm CET (Updated 2/2/2020)

Join us for our 5th annual Sega Mega Drive / Genesis race! Organized by TheMotherBrain86


1st Place: Jordache7k ?
2nd Place: Lenamek
3rd Place: Chronoon

GG to all of our amazing racers: JkL87, Nikojazz, Okamikaze, FedePG52, Random64

Watch the full race now:

Watch Highlight: Mega 16 Race #5 | More info at from SpeedrunHypeTV on

1. Side Pocket – Beat stage 1

Pick “one pocket game” and play until you see “stage 2” on screen.

2. Columns III: Revenge of Columns – Pyramid – Beat the bat

“1P mode” pick normal, Beat the spider, and after this beat the bat.

3. Junction – Beat stage 3

Start at stage 1, normal, stock as many as you like. Beat stage 3.

4. ATP tour Championship Tennis – win 1 Exhibition Match

Game speed – 35. normal – Exhibition match, choose whatever player you want to use, leave CPU at default. Grass, win 1 match

5. Bubsy II – Beat “east wing – first floor”

Pick “East wing – First floor” on easy. Kill the pig boss. 50 lives code allowed (B – Up – B – B – A at title screen)

6. Pulseman – Beat stage 3 “USA”

Beat the stages in order. Finish stage 3 “USA”

7. Twinkle Tale – Beat stage 3

Pick easy difficulty, beat the boss “evil tree” in stage 3.

8. Panorama Cotton – Beat stage 1

Select on “original” level on “easy” beat the first stage.

9. Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude – Discover 3 pieces

Beat Granada, Mustique and Curacao stages. 9 lives code allowed (pause the game and press; B, A, Left, Left, A, Down)

10. Dynamite Headdy – Beat act 3-4

Beat the boss of act 3-4, you can see the stages on the bottom of your game feed :).

11. Rolo to the Rescue – Beat the game

Good ending, bad ending it’s all good, just beat the game! (will I add a cheat for this?)

12. High Seas Havoc – Beat the game on easy mode

beat the game on easy mode

13. Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse – Beat the game

Normal difficulty, beat the game. (When you finish a level, when the end-of-level screen (where your bonus points are added up) appears, press Start rapidly until you hear a ringing sound. You now have one more life than before.)

14. Jewel Master – Beat the game

Easy difficulty, beat the game

15. Phantasy Star – The end of the Millenium

Find Rika. Normal new game.

16. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – beat the game

Beat 1 player mode.


For all games, it is the NTSC version except for the JP only titles. All glitches are allowed.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know on Discord (Organizer: TheMotherBrain86#4814)


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